Build Your Own Brand WITH Us!

We are excited to have created the Conversation PEACE process!  This is the logistics process embedded within the Build Your Own Brand (BYOB) Workshop.

We want to make your logo or an image that is important to you out of rePURPOSEd violent video games and other e-waste.  We have evolved a process that will maintain the integrity of your brand or the image you wish to co-create WITH us.

We start with a board and a group of Game Changers:

We match the color of the image with the paint we use to coat the violent video games in advance of cutting them into pieces, together.  Your logo or important image will be preserved all along the way!

 We add the pieces together while engaging in conversation.  We have found that this creation process allows for the conversations to deepen as we create together.  We envision this as a great opportunity for companies that wish to have facilitated conversations in an environment that is conducive to going deeper as a group.

Once the Conversation PEACE is co-created, we coat it in a way that it can be displayed permanently, without pieces falling off.

The Conversation PEACE is part of the Build Your Own Brand (BYOB) Workshop!  If your organization is going through a transition, rebranding, reorganization, or needs to have important conversations, this would be a great pathway as we create a Conversation PEACE together!