Why we got started and Our Mission

Hello. This is Erik Lehmann, and about 3 and a half years ago, I founded the #GameChangerMovement… We started out as an art project that was based in Ithaca, NY and now we are expanding nationally and internationally! We expanding in both scope and scale, because the change process requires looking more holistically at things. We are here to serve as connectors, integrators and space holders along WITH the next generation of amazing people who need to know just how much they Matter…right now!

The Overall mission of the Game Changer Movement is to inspire at least 1,000,000 youth to change their game by trading in violent video games and participating in the movement in some meaningful way. We rePURPOSE the violent video games that are traded in, into art, signs, furniture and even eventually dresses. In order to inspire youth to uplevel their lives, we are inviting them into a co-creative process, where we get to design, develop, and then implement a new gaming platform that will replace the violent video games we are asking them to trade in.

We have learned many valuable lessons since our inception in 2013…

Lots of amazing learning takes place when we play video games and what we are most addicted to in the games we play is not the violence, but the sense of community and significance we experience in the game world! When we first started, we wanted to inspire our next generation to participate in anything but the video game space. We are now viewing the gaming space as a tremendous opportunity to both redirect time from violence and to co-create pro-active solutions for our planet.

In the posts to come, you will experience a multitude of perspectives as we change our game together. We would love for you to take part in the Game Changer Movement at whatever level of engagement that works best for you. Please comment below or reach out to us in the contact tab when you are ready to change your game and join us!