If your business is wanting a new look, or rebranding, it would be amazing to collaborate with you! We have developed a process to transform and rePURPOSE violent video games and other e-waste into beautiful mosaic signs like the one we just co-created at the GrassRoots Festival in Trumansburg, NY shown here: We can incorporate your company logo into our mosaic co-creation process, and we can make this TOGETHER! These are what we call….Conversation PEACES.  We can have a conversation about your wishes for your company or organization as we create the PEACE: One PIECE at a Time!  The creation process allows us to shareRead More →

Hello All, May 19th was a great day for the Game Changer Movement!  Not only was it our founder, Erik Lehmann’s birthday, it was also the day that the Game Changer Movement began it’s public collaboration with Artunity.co. Here is the Call to Action!!!: Please find  the other part of this picture at http://artunity.co : We wish to create what we call a Conversation PEACE for you or your company or organization!  This will cost at least $5000 when we go live with this part of the movement, however, through Artunity, you have the opportunity to win a custom Conversation PEACE when you enter theRead More →

Admittedly, this has been quite a different winter season for the Game Changer Movement.  Much less traveling, and much less with regard to public events.  That being said, we have been doing some great networking and several joint ventures are in the works. There have also been several key advances in the world of Graphene, which may all for more innovation at the local level that could make global impact in the field of sports equipment and rural medicine in developing nations.  Graphene applications are finding their way into circulation and it is a very exciting time to create and curate events that will bringRead More →

Hello from the Ithaca Headquarters of the Game Changer Movement! This is a grassroots movement that is predominantly funded by individuals like yourself!  We would love to ask for your support of any amount!  Please visit our crowdfunding campaign site here.  I once had one of those Successories framed quotes that read, “A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way!” It sounds cliche perhaps, yet it spoke to me!  As parents, we get to know that our kids are watching even if they are not in our presence.  I am not saying that from a place of fearRead More →

Our vision is to create a community of 1,000,000 Game Changers between the ages of 8 and 18 who are willing to change their game by trading in a violent video game that will be transformed into art, signs, furniture and eventually dresses that may be worn by performing artists as they tour the world. Saddened by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and all of the shootings before and since December 14, 2012, Erik Lehmann, is creating a movement that gets underneath the conversations about gun control and the demonization of individuals, and instead focuses on shifting our collective lenses from those ofRead More →

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