Our Partners

There are huge opportunities to collaborate with the Game Changer Movement as a partner or sponsor. There are the traditional event sponsorship opportunities where we can create what we call Conversation PEACES and curate Hack Day Weekends, and explore other ways to celebrate partnership at every level. A really exciting opportunity is that we are going to celebrate our partners within the Game Changer Games we create in the form of product placement or signage.

Our vision is to offer 1,000,000 Game Changer Platforms to the youth who courageously Change their Game. Currently, the average price of a new violent video game is approximately $60. Inspired by the Million Pixel Homepage, we are creating the opportunity for our partners to underwrite the Game Changer Platforms in subsets of at least 25 units ($1500). On the corporate end, we are aiming to generate at least $60,000,000 in sponsorship revenue! After the first million are allocated, we will offer the platforms for commercial distribution.

In conclusion, we are really excited to develop this collaborative creation process! We are going to create a community that is at least one million youth strong. The sponsorship and contribution model will underwrite the production of the first million units that we will trade with each of the first million youth. We will soon create an investment model that will incorporate time banking as well as traditional equity models as this grows! Although we currently speak of units, we may release this platform in downloadable form which will allow us to live as a values driven movement or organization.

We will also sell the toys we develop, along with reproductions of the art, furniture and signs we create.  Please be sure to contact us for further details.


Order Cardamon’s Coffee…enter gamechanger in the discount section and receive a 10% discount.  Cardamon’s Coffee will make a contribution to the Game Changer Movement equal to 20% of your on-line purchase.  Alejandro is from Nicaragua, where he personally cultivates relationships with the people who grow the beans.

The Game Changer Movement is excited to create a Conversation PEACE for Uncle Joe’s during the Wizarding Weekend, October 27-29.  We are excited to collaborate with Uncle Joe’s in this way!


John, at HEP Sales is a really supportive individual, and we are honored to make their logo into a Conversation PEACE!

Aaron at Sphere Brakes is a very driven soul who cares deeply about family, community, and the possibility of technology!

We are happy to welcome Cornell Print Services to our ever-growing list of sponsors and supporters!  Ask for Liz and she will create a great product with you!

Lethia Owens is a brand onto herself and she serves as a champion of human and organizational potential!




Amanda is a stand for your personal brand!  She serves her clients in full alignment with her values, which is one of the ways in which she finds fulfillment and success!

We are grateful to have the support of Rogan’s Corner!  They bring great service and great food to our community and have been doing so for a very long time in our community!

I met Kevin at Luna, when he was opening Jack’s in CollegeTown.  He attended Taste of the Nation and I knew that he was here to make a special contribution to our restaurant community!  Now he is serving great product through several brands.  Kevin is exploring ways to live into a living wage set of restaurants by combining kiosk ordering technology with great product!  Give them a try, and you will be eating a great meal while supporting the vision of living wage in the restaurant community!

Kyle at Domino’s in Ithaca is a very innovative general manager.  I had been getting to know their product offering, and many of their new offerings are worth a try, in addition to their consistently great pizza!

Lynda Myers Design was one of the first local business owners to support the Game Changer Movement in Ithaca!  Thank you Lynda!  We hope people frequent your services!

Solaz is always worth the wait!  I love the breakfast burritos, and more importantly, I appreciate the experience while dining at the Farmer’s Market.  Supporting Solaz is supporting our community as they are all giving so much of themselves to the community!

Home Depot has provided the Game Changer Movement with the supplies for the Conversation PEACE’s we make, and we are truly grateful for their support!

The Game Changer Movement art will soon be on display at GreenStar in the month of September!  We are very grateful for what GreenStar offers our community!


Ian at Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Co. is a tremendous support to our community and beyond.  He is running for political office, while running a great business in our community!