The Game Changer Movement and

The Game Changer Movement and

Hello All,

May 19th was a great day for the Game Changer Movement!  Not only was it our founder, Erik Lehmann’s birthday, it was also the day that the Game Changer Movement began it’s public collaboration with

Here is the Call to Action!!!:

Please find  the other part of this picture at :

We wish to create what we call a Conversation PEACE for you or your company or organization!  This will cost at least $5000 when we go live with this part of the movement, however, through Artunity, you have the opportunity to win a custom Conversation PEACE when you enter the Artunity for $10.

We would love to make this PEACE in Ithaca for and perhaps with you should you be local to the Ithaca area.  Should you live elsewhere in the US, we can make it and ship it to you and you would be responsible for the shipping costs. If you live elsewhere and wish to make the Conversation PEACE with us, then, if you can get us to you, we would love to make the PEACE WITH you!