What Really Matters?

What Really Matters?


Hello from the Ithaca Headquarters of the Game Changer Movement!

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I once had one of those Successories framed quotes that read, “A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way!” It sounds cliche perhaps, yet it spoke to me!  As parents, we get to know that our kids are watching even if they are not in our presence.  I am not saying that from a place of fear or paranoia.  I am saying that we want our kids to make the “right” choices even if we are not watching them every minute of the day, so perhaps, we can model the same?

I used to drive more slowly than I do now.  It drove some people crazy.  I would tell them that I drive like I have three kids in the back whether or not there are with me!  Although I seem to drive faster nowadays, I seem to live a better life, when I act as if the kids are watching me, whether or not they are with me.  As a single dad, there have been times where I truly appreciated my adult time without my kids with me, yet I do like to live as though they are always with me, because, in many ways, they are!

This goes a bit deeper though.  Living an aligned life is more and more important for me everyday!  Now that I no longer watch much television, I feel like I, for the most part get to make choices that are more wholesome.  In the absence of TV as an influence, I am not constantly reminded of what I don’t yet have.  This translates into deeper appreciation for what I do have, because I am not trying to live in order to have the latest and greatest stuff!  Stuff has been replaced by the choice of having authentic experiences.

What choices would you make, it you lived in a “Get to” rather than “Have to” world?

Please let us know!  It would be great to share this “Get to” world with each other!